Theft of a quad bike in Santon Downham

During the hours of 6-10pm on the evening of Wednesday, 14th February 2018 a Green and Yellow Quad Bike was stolen from one of the village residents drive.The owner advises that the bike had a flat battery so it is likely this had to have been pushed out towards a vehicle.

If anyone saw anything suspicious could they please communicate with the Parish Clerk on 01842 815213 or email

The theft has been reported to the Police.

10k Charity Walk 26th November 2017

Open Reach will be holding a 10k charity walk from Santon Downham Village Hall on Sunday, 26th November 2017.    The event organisers have sent out letters to their runners advising them to take care when parking their cars.  Marshals will be on hand and the area will be signposted and coned off.

The Village Hall will be selling teas/coffees and bacon butties (sorry no cakes) on this day mainly for the walkers but of course the village residents will be more than welcome to pop in and of course, to cheer on the walkers.

We are happy to advise that there are now some books on the shelves in the Phone Box and anyone may help themselves to a book to read, or add another to the shelf.

We have, following a most successful training course, added the defibrillator equipment to the Phone Box but we are currently showing this as “not in use” until all Emergency Service requirements have been followed.

Road Repairs 2017

An update, the potholes and sweeping will take place WEATHER PERMITTING on Monday, 24th July with the main re-surfacing work on Marks Lane, from the top of the main road, past the Village Hall, down to the junction and left only (Phase I) taking place on Tuesday, 25th July.

Road Repairs 2017

The parish council have accepted a quotation to proceed with :

A) Repairs to any outstanding potholes (the parish council chairman has in fact already filled in several but there remains a few edges and new holes that need to be seen to.)

B) Resurfacing to phase i mark lane – this will be from the top end of mark lane which is the road running down from the Suffolk County Council road and passing the village hall then straight down to the t junction, curving then to the left

All residents effected by this matter will be informed before work commences, but weather permitting it is anticipated that the general road repair ie potholes etc and road sweeping, will take place on the 24th july with the resurfacing work to take place on the 25th july.

This work will cost £8,435.00 plus vat (the latter of which is reclaimable.

It should be noted that we did ask for a full quotation for upper green, lower green, hall lane and all of mark lane and it would cost somewhere in the region of £25,000 (at today’s costing) which is naturally a cost far too high for this parish council to be in any position to consider.  Therefore, we have phased the roads and the situation will be looked at annually to see what we are in a position to undertake.  In the meantime, we do try to fill in potholes ourselves as and when these are noticed.

Adopted Telephone Box and the Defibrillator Project

Santon Downham parish council are absolutely delighted to advise its residents that the Brandon And District Rotary Club’s fun golfing day on Sunday, 28th June 2017 was a wonderful success.   The weather could not have been better and the day itself was great fun.

Before the day began, £450 had already been raised by the Rotary Club from, i believe local businesses.  This was an amazing start.   There were several village residents that turned up to participate in the golf itself and great support from the Rotary Club and others.  With the addition of a very successful raffle and  donations by village residents unable to participate in the golf, somewhere in the region of £1,600 was raised.  The Brandon And District Rotary Club decided not only to donate the whole of the day’s funds raised, but to add on to this and bring the total upto £1,800 which is approximately what the full defibrillator package will cost.  The Parish Council has been given a cheque and the defibrillator project has now been given the go ahead through community heartbeat who will fully oversee the project.

Some villagers have expressed concerns about how this will all work, and need not worry.  In the community heartbeat package is included a full training session that will be open to each and every village resident and this will be arranged and will take place in the village hall at a date that will be advised.   The issue of the locked cabinet and how this will work will be thoroughly explained.

With regard to the proposed little library, we have collected quite a few books already and have had many offers of books from villagers.  Once we have some idea as to when the defibrillator can be fitted the shelving will be sorted out and we hope to have a proper “opening” of same.

If anyone has any questions, please do ask one of your councillors or you can ring our chairman, Michael Mackender on 811681, or our parish clerk, Sylvia East on 815213

Telephone Box

You may have noticed that the telephone box has been de-commissioned.

Our plans are to renovate and then to make use of the space as a community book exchange.   We are also exploring with Rotary and Community Heartbeat Trust the possibility of a defibrillator being installed for emergency use.  More details will follow in due course.