SANTON DOWNHAM PARISH COUNCIL MEETING 28TH JUNE 2021-Agenda Item Application DC/21/0835/FUL change of use from Horse Paddock for holiday accommodation (ClassC1) with one holiday chalet

An apology regarding the issuing of the Minutes of the above meeting.

Due to several factors involving clarification of protocol and legal advice, it has been decided that a summary of the meeting will be posted next week following the Extraordinary (Closed) Meeting of the Parish Council on the 14th July.  The meeting on the 28th June 2021 was recorded for transparency and accuracy and the recording will be held as the official record of the meeting.

The summary will cover the pertinent points of the meeting and will be accurate.  Should there be any queries arising then the recording will cover this.

For the sake of transparency the Parish Council Response to Application DC/21/0835/FUL – change of use of horse paddock for holiday accommodation (Class C1) with one holiday cabin will be forwarded to West Suffolk Council by the agreed extension date for the Parish Consultation deadline, which is now 20th July 2021.



Advice has been received of a power cut on Monday, 19th July 2021 from approximately 9.30 and to 13.00 hours

UK Power Networks are improving the reliability of the electricity in our area and in order to carry out the work safely they need to shut down the power on the date specified above.  They will do their best to keep the time the power is off to a minimum.

Any questions call 0800 3163 105 24 hrs a day

The overhead cables will be shrouded near Hall Drive and there will be temporary traffic management in place to cover the section of work to be completed.