• Telephone Box (3/16/2017) - You may have noticed that the telephone box has been de-commissioned. Our plans are to renovate and then to make use of the space as a community book exchange.   We are also exploring with Rotary and Community Heartbeat Trust the possibility of a defibrillator being installed for emergency use.  More details will follow in … Continue reading "Telephone Box"
  • Parish Council Meetings added (3/16/2017) - See Calendar for details of upcoming Parish Council Meetings
  • Sheepwatch Launched (4/24/2016) - Helping local communities to reduce the number of attacks by dogs on sheep   Parish Councils in your part of the country may already be aware of distressing attacks on sheep by dogs: over 600 have been killed in the first dozen weeks of 2016 (probably only the tip of a, largely unreported, iceberg) – … Continue reading "Sheepwatch Launched"
  • Brown Bin Service (4/7/2016) - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut id ipsum nisl. Aliquam mollis neque metus, vitae venenatis enim molestie a. Etiam vulputate dui et justo placerat, eu vulputate massa ornare. Fusce consequat magna non felis gravida, quis auctor eros interdum. Etiam eget risus sed nibh viverra ultrices. Suspendisse scelerisque mollis mauris non fermentum. Mauris … Continue reading "Brown Bin Service"