Road Repairs 2017

The parish council have accepted a quotation to proceed with :

A) Repairs to any outstanding potholes (the parish council chairman has in fact already filled in several but there remains a few edges and new holes that need to be seen to.)

B) Resurfacing to phase i mark lane – this will be from the top end of mark lane which is the road running down from the Suffolk County Council road and passing the village hall then straight down to the t junction, curving then to the left

All residents effected by this matter will be informed before work commences, but weather permitting it is anticipated that the general road repair ie potholes etc and road sweeping, will take place on the 24th july with the resurfacing work to take place on the 25th july.

This work will cost £8,435.00 plus vat (the latter of which is reclaimable.

It should be noted that we did ask for a full quotation for upper green, lower green, hall lane and all of mark lane and it would cost somewhere in the region of £25,000 (at today’s costing) which is naturally a cost far too high for this parish council to be in any position to consider.  Therefore, we have phased the roads and the situation will be looked at annually to see what we are in a position to undertake.  In the meantime, we do try to fill in potholes ourselves as and when these are noticed.