Warning to be wary of thieves

It has come to the Parish Council’s notice of late that there has been at least one theft from a parishioners garden that we are aware of.  Several other village residents have also spoken of the fear that their gardens have been entered and that attempts may have been made to enter their vehicles.  We have no real proof but with the theft of a dog kennel that we are aware of, and the reports of  White Transit Van trawling the village, we ask our residents to be extra vigilant.  When in the garden, do lock your doors (yes we know we are all at fault of this because in the past there has never been a need for such caution – but along with so many  other things that have changed and are constantly changing, thefts are no longer something we can dismiss)  SO, if you are busy in your garden, do take care.  Lock your garage and your sheds and be vigilant.

Our Neighbourhood Watch has reported these issues to the Police.